Use power saving LED Lights to Cut Down Electric Bill in Public Sector Offices

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There’s encouraging news for energy enthusiasts: more than 5000 branches of Chase banks, a unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co., will be fitted with power saving LED lights by replacing the incandescent bulbs that exist as of now. The project is being carried out by Current, startup launched by General Electric or more popularly, GE. […]

Why LED Lights are the most appropriate for Commercial buildings’ lighting?

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Commercial buildings need proper lighting not just during the day, but also during night hours. There are so many business establishments that work round the clock. About a third of a commercial building’s energy output is spent in the lighting of the building. The traditional light bulbs, the incandescent variety, do very little to cut […]

What Effects LED Lights Have On The Environment?

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To protect the environment from spiraling out of control, we need to take some stern measures today. It’s not just about the bigger picture of protecting the ozone layer from depletion and such macro concepts. It is more about making small changes in our daily life so that we can make micro-contributions for a larger […]